Affirm Press Sales & Marketing Director Keiran Rogers reflects back on Christmas 2016 and gives us the ten things he hates about Christmas:

  1. Booksellers and publishers around the country work their butts off all year and yet it seems there are really only three weeks that matter.
  2. You think to yourself ‘I’m not sure Harper Collins have done the right thing with Jimmy Barnes as a two book autobiography. Don’t we only care about his music life?’ And then you see him speak at the Dymocks conference and watch the book sell 16,266 copies in its first week on BookScan. Fair play Harper Collins, fair play.
  3. Bloomsbury and now Hachette have all the Harry Potters. Can’t each publisher be granted a Harry Potter each year on a rotating basis? That would make a pretty bloody good Christmas when our turn came around.
  4. Why are the books that sell always the hardest or most expensive to reprint?
  5. Ye think, geez Pan Mac might have lost the golden touch because Michael Clarke didn’t sell that well … but then they go sell 40,000 bloody Bikini Body books in December alone.
  6. With your extensive book knowledge and eye for a great read you give friends & family carefully curated books and they just think you dived into the clearance bin in the warehouse and bought them for 50 cents.
  7. When you have a great sales Christmas and you’re so chuffed but then it seems you celebrate for about four minutes before someone says ‘Righto what about Christmas 2017?’
  8. Your favourite read for the year was The Dry by Jane Harper and you pitched so desperately hard to win the manuscript but someone else won and then you watch it sell and sell and sell and sell and sell. But then you remember how the author was so very nice that you can’t help but wish her the best.
  9. The Girl on the Train is still selling and you can’t for the life of you work out why.
  10. It only happens once a year.