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Yak on Track Heather McNeice

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Yak on Track

by Heather McNeice

It seemed like a good idea to Heather at the time: organise a challenging trek to raise funds for the education of young Bhutanese girls. Heather had walked in the Himalayas before, so how hard could it be on the trail to Lunana, Bhutan’s most remote plateau? On the 240-kilometre trek, she discovers that ‘hard’ doesn’t even come close.

Along with her friend Krista, like-minded lover of mountains and margaritas, a team of eccentric guides and far too many horses, Heather sets off into a landscape of savage beauty, where yetis are feared and only yaks feel at ease. As the team face blizzards, avalanches, altitude sickness and snow blindness, their reward is a rare glimpse of life in the last Shangri-La.

At its heart, this book is a love song to Bhutan and its people, an intimate portrait of the only remaining Buddhist kingdom of the Himalayas. Yak on Track is a delightful story about losing yourself but not losing your way.

Heather is donating a portion of her royalties from the sale of this book to the Australian Himalayan Foundation in support of a scholarship program for disadvantaged children in Bhutan.


‘Heather McNeice’s vivid prose brings alive the Bhutan I knew when I travelled there almost twenty years ago. Her observations and experiences are enthralling and her story is filled with gripping episodes and tremendous humour. The dazzling country of Bhutan, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, gleams off the page; richly rewarding to read, Yak on Track made me yearn to travel back to that fabled land. A delight.’ Joanna Lumley

‘Warm, witty and sharply observant . . . It will bring a glow to the heart of anyone who has travelled in those mighty mountains or who hopes to do so.’ Greg Mortimer, OAM

‘Heather McNeice’s magical book is a glorious throwback to the great age of intrepid travel. Beautifully written, sensitive and insightful, it’s a work that’s sure to become a classic.’ Tahir Shah, journalist, documentary maker, and author.

‘As a writer Heather has that wonderful gift of transporting you from your busy urban life to the wild and remote mountain trails of Bhutan. By sharing her extraordinary story with us, Heather gives everyone the chance to experience it.’ Carolyn Hamer-Smith, CEO, Australian Himalayan Foundation

About the Author

28 August 2018
RRP: $32.99
ISBN: 9781925712483
Paperback, 304 pages
234 x 153 mm

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