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What Lifts Your Heart



What Lifts Your Heart

by Kelsey Montague

Famed for blending street art and social media, Kelsey Montague’s amazing illustrations invite colourists of all ages to make her unique creations their own. Her pen-and-ink drawings uplift the spirit with fanciful images of butterflies, ladybird wings and kites. Unlike other colouring books, Kelsey’s includes special sections that allow artists to share their dreams, to make 3-D art and create wearable art in the form of flirty masks, top hats and fascinators. In every design, Kelsey has hidden a heart to find and decorate.

Printed on high-quality paper with perforated pages, these designs lend themselves to brilliant bursts of colour. WHAT LIFTS YOUR HEART encourages you to look to your own heart for inspiration and to share that joy with others.

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