Water Colour

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Water Colour by Greg French



Water Colour

by Greg French

Featuring wild and warming tales from a life spent in the natural world, Water Colour is master fly fisher and storyteller Greg French’s follow-up to the much loved and bestselling Frog Call (2002).

Greg’s gift is his ability to turn casual encounters with nature lovers he meets on his travels, predominantly around Australia, into profoundly insightful episodes delving deeply and deceptively into matters of the soul. These stories, always told with humour and enthusiasm, are fascinating glimpses into the quirks of our relationships, between each other and with the environment.

Water Colour will astound and delight anyone interested who enjoys fishing and friendships.

About the Author

31 July, 2018
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781925712100
210 x 135 mm

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