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Vognox the Viking and the Island of Skeletons

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25 June 2019
RRP: $9.99
ISBN: 9781925712889
Paperback, 160 pages
190 x 153mm
Junior Fiction
Ages 5-7

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Vognox the Viking and the Island of Skeletons

by Nick Falk, illustrated by Tony Flowers

Hey, you! Yes, you with the nose. Do you like adventure stories? Yes? Oh. Maybe try another book.

This one is about me – Vognox the Viking – and I REALLY don’t like adventures. There isn’t a single exciting thing in here.

Well, okay, there is that bit when I almost get sucked into a giant whirlpool.
And the part where I’m chased by a dragon.
And all those skeletons. And then… arggh!
Who am I kidding? It’s that Awful Awfa that keeps making me do all of these awful adventures.
Who knows what will happen next?
Maybe you should read it, after all …

About the Author

Nick Falk is a professional psychologist and amateur banana juggler who lives with his wife and two young sons in London. He first picked up a pen aged seven, and has been writing stories ever since. He likes to write books that are two parts funny, three parts exciting and one part educational, with a dollop of ridiculous thrown in. In his spare time. Nick likes to eat cheese that smells as bad as his socks. He would also like to ride a rhinoceros into a supermarket, but is yet to find an appropriate rhinoceros.

About the Illustrator

Tony Flowers loves to draw and is an internationally acclaimed illustrator and artist. His drawings are loved in Japan for their detail and humour and he has won an award in the USA for his street chalk art. Tony has a Masters degree in Visual Communication. He has illustrated six books in the popular Saurus Street series and his most highly valued prize to date has been from the Oshima Picture Book Museum in Toyama, Japan, for his hand made pop-up book Gaijin Holiday