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Under Stones

By Bob Franklin

Dip into the world of Bob Franklin’s fiction at your own risk. The calm surface belies a swift undertow and snags galore. These are not horror stories in the traditional sense; they are more unsettling than that.

Under Stones are uneasy tales, set in familiar surrounds. They are journeys into the human psyche and powerful critiques of contemporary Australian society. Bob Franklin pokes and prods at human fears and foibles, revealing with forensic glee truths that you might prefer were, well, left under stones.

About the Author


‘…a consistently engaging and surprising book…’
– Australian Literary Review

‘They’re horror stories of a kind, edgy and unsettling, holding up a mirror to the underside of Australian society.’
– Sunday Herald Sun

‘What a bruising collection this is…’
– Sonya Hartnett

Shortlisted for Best Collection and Best Horror Short Story for ‘Take the Free Tour’ in the Aurealis Awards 2010

Winner of the 2010 Australian Shadows Award for Long Fiction