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By Clare Burder

Have you ever been judged for drinking chardonnay with your roast lamb? Or caught out for not knowing that gin is a type of flavoured vodka? Have you ever been publicly beer shamed?

We’re a picky bunch when it comes to booze these days, but in this world of boutique gin bars and microbreweries, forty-page wine lists and specially designed glassware, the sheer range of options can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – Tipsy is here to help.

Full of savvy insider tips and handy shortcuts, this book is for anyone who’d like to know what they’re drinking without wading through the details. It’ll give you the background on your favourite drinks and explain the difference between pale ale and pilsner. It’ll help you pick wine for a posh dinner with your boss, or for a catch-up at that BYO dumpling restaurant. Full of the joy of adventurous drinking (and none of the snobbery), it might even awaken a new passion for whisky, gin or sake. Bottoms up!

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‘Every Australian who loves wine should read this book’
The Australian, December 2015

‘Informative, amusing, and simply an enjoyable read.’
Highlands Post, December 2015.

‘Burder will teach you to taste beer like tasting wine, with an appreciation for malt, hop and yeast flavours.’
Herald Sun, December 2014