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The Robbery Riddle: Starring Olive Black by Alex Miles

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April 2017
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781925475555
128 x 198 mm
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The Robbery Riddle

Starring Olive Black

by Alex Miles

illustrations by Maude Guesne

For her latest movie, Olive Black plays sidekick to the world’s favourite film detective in The Robbery Riddle. On screen there’s action, drama and mystery, but it’s a real-life robbery that puts Olive’s sleuthing skills to the test. Soon she’s got a brilliant plan to catch the thief, but everyone’s a suspect – even Olive!

Working with detective-partner and best friend Rani, can she find the culprit and clear her name?

Or is this detective business trickier than it looks?

Meet Olive Black …

Ten-year-old superstar!

She’s loyal, funny and just a little over the top.

Olive Black stars in The Robbery Riddle


‘Can’t wait for the next books. Amazing!’ CASSIDY, AGE 10

‘Hilarious.’ KATIE, AGE 8

‘This is the best!’ JOSH, AGE 9

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