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The Plantiful Table

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The Plantiful Table

by Andrea Duclos

The Experiment

For food and lifestyle maven Andrea Duclos, ‘the good life’ is a natural, plant-based one. But when she sits down with her meat-and-potatoes husband and their young daughter, what goes on the table? The easy-to-make, universally pleasing meals that she shares in The Plantiful Table.

Including a wide range of tips and advice – including kids’ favourites and creative uses for leftovers – the impressive
scope of the book ranges from big, comforting meals to breakfasts-on-the-go to Duclos’s favorite dishes from her Latin American heritage, including:

·Hearty one-pot dishes (Shepherd’s Pie)
·Comforting classics turned vegan (Butternut Squash Lasagna)
·A world’s tour of flavours (Garam Masala Pancakes)
·The whimsical and ever-popular ‘things on toast’ (Pea Pesto)
·Irresistible guilty pleasures (Chocolate Marshmallow Bars)

Charming and approachable, A Plantiful Table is bursting with proof that eating vegan doesn’t mean taking options off the table. No matter how large (or small) your family – and whether they’re vegans, omnivores, or some of each – healthy, comforting meals packed with nutritious ingredients straight from the earth can easily be part of your happy home, every day.

Author details
Andrea Duclos is the creator of the popular lifestyle and cooking blog OhDearDrea. Named a top family blogger by both Apartment Therapy and Babble, she has been featured on Design Sponge, Disney Baby, and the documentary American Blogger, among numerous other media. She resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband and daughter, where they live as simply, naturally, and happily as possible.