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The Philanthropist

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The Philanthropist

by John Tesarsch

Charles Bradshaw is an ageing tycoon, burdened with regrets. When he suffers a heart attack, he abruptly retires and announces that he will give his fortune to charity. His family strenuously resists, especially his son Jeremy, who is desperate to take over the Bradshaw empire. Meanwhile Charles’s old lover, Anna, returns after more than forty years, bringing unwanted memories of a terrible secret from his youth.

The Philanthropist is a compelling exploration of love and heartbreak, frailty and mortality, and the unending search for redemption.


‘A pitch-perfect exploration of Australia’s great and good … an elegant narrative dealing with the damage a fortune wreaks on two generations of a family typical of our nation’s ruling caste.’ GEORDIE WILLIAMSON, THE AUSTRALIAN

About the Author

28 August 2018
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781925712490
Paperback, 296 pages

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