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The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman

by John Tesarsch

When their reclusive father, Henry, shoots himself, the lives of three brilliant and unconventional siblings are upended. His daughter Eleanor finds a will: Henry has left his entire estate to a mystery woman. Hiding this from her brother and sister, Eleanor sets out to uncover the confronting truth about her father’s past.

Henry, though, isn’t the only Hoffman with secrets. As his children fall out over their inheritance, they learn things about each other they could never even have imagined.

The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman is a story of love, loss and survival. Its subjects are those that affect us all: family conflict, guilt and redemption, and how trauma resonates across generations.


‘The characters are intriguing and convincing, and the skilful structure and pacing of the story, with its tragedies and secrets large and small, will keep many readers awake for half the night with the reading light on.’
–The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The precision of law as much as the lyricism of music permeates Tesarsch’s prose in this tightly woven and tender tale of intrigue and human fragility.’
–The Herald Sun

‘Terrific storytelling. I could not put it down. And the legal bits are completely, brutally, plausible.’
–Julian Burnside

‘This is a brilliant book. Beautifully written … a memorable, deeply engaging and readable story … There are surprises here and also a satisfying ending … The vibrations of Henry Hoffman’s life are felt across generations and, as readers, we feel them too’
–The Weekly Times

‘A really gripping book, with deft, realistic character studies and lots of intrigue … This is a highly readable and enjoyable account of some very troubling times.’ – Books + Publishing magazine

‘The Last Will and Testament of Henry Hoffman is a masterpiece. I’ve reviewed a lot of books in the past twenty plus years … but I have never described a novel like that. This one deserves it. I simply could not put it down and I am in awe of the author’s mastery of the form.’ Pen Hanley

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