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29 November 2022
RRP: $35.00
ISBN: 9781922848161
Hardback, 256 pages
244 x 170 mm
Personal Development

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The Hope Dealer

by Caitlin Cady

Get a hit of soulful inspiration every day.

The Hope Dealer is a treasure trove of soulful straight-talk designed to light you up from the inside out. Delivered with author Caitlin Cady’s signature wit, warmth and wisdom, each of the 101 messages will up the ante on your day, help you tune in to your highest self and plug in to your full potential.

Use this book for a daily dose of guidance and inspiration. Choose a page by chance or close your eyes, reflect on a question or situation you’d like to shed a little light on and let your fingertips lead you to today’s message. Set fire to limiting beliefs, reframe resistance, say sayonara to self-doubt and peace-out perfectionism while building self-trust, integrity, resilience, courage, compassion and confidence.

About the Author

Writer, meditation teacher and mama of three, Caitlin Cady is the author of Heavily Meditated: Your Down-to-Earth Guide to Learning Meditation and Getting High on Life, and the creator of the Heavily Meditated app. Caitlin has been called a ‘wellbeing whiz’ by Australian Yoga Journal and her work has been featured in Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Real Living, Vogue, Prevention and Body + Soul. Caitlin’s positive perspectives and relatable, playful approach have inspired people across the globe to get lit up and start living to their full potential. Connect with Caitlin on Instagram @caitlincady or her site