The Happiness Plan

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The Happiness Plan

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The Happiness Plan

by Dr Elise Bialylew

Science is finally catching up to what ancient cultures have known for centuries: that collecting your thoughts and being present can transform the way you think, feel and live. In fact it can literally change the structure and function of your brain for the better. But while the benefits are clear, the culture around meditation sometimes feels like mystical mumbo jumbo – which is exactly what Dr Elise Bailylew wants to change.

The Happiness Plan is a down-to-earth, science-driven guide to building a mindfulness meditation practice. Over the course of one month, Dr Elise Bailylew provides 28 smart ways to work mindfulness into your everyday life. With meditation exercises and fascinating insights from medicine and psychology, you can develop a practice that will transform your mind.

Friendly, insightful, and entirely lacking in pretense, The Happiness Plan will lead you to greater calm, improved focus and, ultimately, a happier, more fulfilling life.

About the Author

February 27, 2018
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781925584769
234 x 153 mm
Mind, Body, Spirit

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