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26 October 2021
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781922400802
Hardback, 32 pages
280 x 210 mm
Picture Book

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The Greatest Mistakes
That Went Right

by Maddy Mara and Cheryl Orsini

Are you in a hurry to wonder and worry

That new things you try won’t go right?

When they simply don’t work, don’t go all berserk

Mistakes can grow wings and take flight.

Where would we be without big blunders? From Play Doh to penicillin, the Slinky to the Granny Smith apple, some of the best inventions started out as gigantic slip-ups.

From exciting new team Maddy Mara and Cheryl Orsini comes a blooper reel with amazing consequences and a reminder to all kids scared of trying something new: even the greatest mistakes can go right.

About the Author

Maddy Mara is the pen name of Australian creative duo Hilary Rogers and Meredith Badger. Hilary and Meredith have been collaborating on children’s books for many years. Hilary is an author and former publishing director; Meredith is the author of countless books for kids and young adults, and teaches English as a foreign language. Maddy Mara is the melding of their respective daughters’ names.

It was seeing their own children’s fear of messing up that led Hilary and Meredith to the idea for The Greatest Mistakes That Went Right. It is useful, they realised, for kids to understand that mistakes are a part of life and can bring about unexpected and wonderful results.

About the Illustrator

Cheryl Orsini taught herself to draw as a little girl. She grew a little taller, studied Visual Communications at UTS and finally, when she could grow no more, she started illustrating children’s books, magazines and decorating a great many peg dolls! Her books include Lucy’s BookCaravanThe Fairy Dancers and Pom PomWhere Are You?. Her work also regularly appears in magazines and exhibitions. Cheryl created the current exterior design and illustrations for Russ the Story Bus.