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27 July 2021
RRP: $17.99
ISBN: 9781922419217
Paperback,  288 pages
198 x 128 mm
Middle Grade Fiction

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The Good Times of Pelican Rise: Save the Joeys

by Samone Amba

Grade sixers Sunday Moon and her besties Ockie, Kirra and Lottie are MAROONED in after-school care at Club Koala with the karaoke-loving grade twos and nit-infested preppies for company. It’s not exactly the way these legends thought they’d be ending their time at Pelican Rise Primary!

But after the worst summer of bushfires ever, Sunday is determined to use her last year at Club Koala to make a difference: OUT with the headstand competitions and IN with knitting pouches for injured wildlife !

And when Mr Guclu tells the grade sixers to build a legacy project for their final year of primary, Sunday and her friends decide to keep the good times rolling with a website that will spread the word about their pouch project.

With the help of her friends, a radio station, a whole bunch of wool from the op shop, a LOT of animal memes and their legacy project, The Good Times, Sunday is going to save as many joeys as she can.

Welcome to The Good Times of Pelican Rise … a fun series that explores growing up, finding community spirit, and using your voice to Be the Change.

About the Author

After many years working as an editor in children’s publishing, Samone Amba is thrilled to debut her middle-grade fiction series, The Good Times of Pelican Rise.

The idea for this series came to Samone while she was shelving books in the middle-grade section of Beaumaris Library. Her creative license wants to add that a book fell on her head, like Henny Penny’s acorn or Isaac Newton’s apple, but that is simply untrue.

Samone is now a pre-service early learning and primary school teacher and will one day be teaching middle grade as well as writing it!