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31 May 2022
RRP: $17.99
ISBN: 9781922711724
Paperback, 288 pages
198 x 128 mm
Middle Grade

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The Good Times of Pelican Rise #2:
The No Waste Race

by Samone Amba

A toilet?

On the footpath?

On the fanciest street in Pelican Rise?

When Sunday Moon trips over a toilet that’s been left out for hard rubbish collection, she starts seeing rubbish EVERYWHERE, from plastic bags floating in Yabby Swamp to coffee cups littering the streets.

After Pelican Rise Primary pledges to cut out single-use plastics for a month, Sunday and her besties Ockie, Kirra and Lottie are inspired to go even further and launch their very own war on waste. Plastic is OUT! Vintage clothes are IN! And all that hard rubbish on the nature strips could make for fantastic billy cart materials …

With the help of the rest of grade six, plenty of secondhand tyres and a LOT of memes, The Good Times crew are going to host the best billy cart race that Pelican Rise has ever seen; a race that says NO to waste!

Welcome back to The Good Times of Pelican Rise … a fun series that explores growing up, finding community spirit and using your voice to Be the Change.

About the Author

After many years working as an editor in children’s publishing, Samone Amba is thrilled to debut her middle-grade fiction series, The Good Times of Pelican Rise. The idea for this series came to Samone while she was shelving books in the middle-grade section of Beaumaris Library. Her creative licence wants to add that a book fell on her head, like Henny Penny’s acorn or Isaac Newton’s apple, but that is simply untrue. Samone is now a pre-service early learning and primary school teacher and will one day be teaching middle grade as well as writing it!