The Glad Shout

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The Glad Shout Alice Robinson

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The Glad Shout

by Alice Robinson

After a catastrophic storm destroys Melbourne, Isobel flees to higher ground with her husband and young daughter. Food and supplies run low, panic sets in and still no help arrives. To protect her daughter, Isobel must take drastic action.

The Glad Shout is an extraordinary novel of rare depth and texture. Told in a starkly visual and compelling narrative, this is a deeply moving homage to motherhood and the struggles faced by women in difficult times.


‘A luminous novel, pulsing with love and loss.’ Eliza Henry Jones author of In The Quiet

‘This is a lacerating novel, vivid and terrifyingly real. It deserves to become a classic.’ Jessica Friedmann, author of
Things That Helped

‘A strikingly real and deeply moving meditation on motherhood, I could not put this novel down.’ Enza Gandolfo, author of The Bridge

About the Author

26 February 2019
RRP: $32.99
ISBN: 9781925712650
Hardback, 320 pages
234 x 153 mm

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