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The Boy and the Crocodile

The Legend of East Timor, illustrated by children from the Familia Hope Orphanage

The Boy and the Crocodile is the legend of East Timor, about how the island of Timor got its curious shape.

It’s also a parable about kindness, and now a children’s book that is benefiting vulnerable kids.

The book was illustrated by children from the Familia Hope Orphanage in East Timor, including many who lost their parents in the country’s violent struggle for independence. ALL proceeds from sales go to the orphanage.

We pre-sold the book in Australia to fund the production of a version in Tetum (the lingua franca of East Timor), and 4000 books are being distributed to kids throughout the country in a project called Myths & Murals.

Teams from Arte Moris – a partner on the project, and an Art School in Dili dedicated to creating an East Timorese identity through art – are travelling to every district distributing books to schools, libraries and community faciliites and leading the children in creative workshops. In each place, they are also collaborating with older youth to produce large-scale murals on public walls depicting scenes from The Boy and the Crocodile– symbolically uniting the country.

By buying the book, you can help raise funds for the orphanage and contribute to a brighter future for many more East Timorese kids.

About Familia Hope Orphanage

The Familia Hope Orphanage is located in Gleno, the main town in the district of Ermera in Timor Leste. It takes care of 30 kids full-time, and provides a drop-in facility for many others. It was established in 2004 by former Australian aid worker Isa Bradridge and his East Timorese wife Ina. Many of the children at this orphanage lost their parents in the violent struggle for East Timor’s independence. Like the country itself, which will farewell the UN in 2012, many of the youngsters at Familia Hope are now approaching an age where they’ll need to start fending for themselves. We’d like to give them a hand and help these young adults make the transition from the sanctuary of the orphanage to the wider community, which is why ALL proceeds raised from The Boy and the Crocodile will go back to the orphanage.