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Take the Shot by Susan White

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23 July 2019
RRP: $16.99
ISBN: 9781925712957
Paperback, 320 pages
198 x 128 mm
Young Adult
Ages 11-14

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Take the Shot

by Susan White

Bug has a secret. Actually, he has a lot of secrets …

NUMBER ONE: he’s formed a basketball team at his new school based on a giant lie.
NUMBER TWO: his parents don’t know he’s playing basketball again.
NUMBER THREE: his new team-mates have no idea he isn’t allowed to play, and they definitely don’t know why.

Bug will do ANYTHING to keep his secrets, keep his new team and keep his life from falling apart. Because no one can know THE BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL … Bug risks his life every time he steps out onto the basketball court.

About the Author

Sue White

Susan is a doctor and a writer. As a clinical geneticist, Susan hunts for answers to undiagnosed genetic conditions in children – a kind of DNA-sleuth for kids, minus the trench coat. Susan’s writing takes the reader inside the medical world, without the boring bits. Her novel, Cut, was shortlisted for the Kill Your Darlings’ Unpublished Manuscript Award in 2017. Her writing has been published in The Big Issue, The School magazine, Melbourne’s Child magazine and The Reader anthology from the Emerging Writers’ Festival. When she is not drumming up new ideas for stories, or feeding her unhealthy obsessions with coffee and young adult fiction, Susan hangs out with her husband, their two kids and their gorgeous neurotic dog Snowy.