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Stella the Unstoppable and the School Camp Kerfuffle by Richard Newsome

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25 June 2019
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781925870480
Paperback, 144 pages
198 x 128 mm
Junior Fiction
Ages 7-10

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Stella the Unstoppable and the School Camp Kerfuffle

by Richard Newsome

Hi! I’m Stella and yes, I’ll admit it. I am just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with winning the Camp Cup this year. Who wouldn’t be? The winner gets a pizza party! Year Five camp only comes around once in a lifetime and it’s going to be awesome. Except … the campsite is on the edge of an old abandoned graveyard. And there’s a rumour that a kid called Spud Riley went to camp and never came back. AND we’re on a Camp Cup team with Lizzie Lawless, and the thing you need to know about Lizzie Lawless is – oh. Never mind. You’ll see …

It’s going to be hectic. Yes. No. Really.

About the Author

Richard Newsome Stella the Unstoppable and the Talent Show Fiasco Richard Newsome lives in Brisbane and has worked as a journalist for daily newspapers, radio and TV; as a consultant with one of the world’s foremost strategy consultancies; and as communications director of a multinational media company. Richard’s debut middle grade novel, The Billionaire’s Curse, won the inaugural Text Prize for Children’s and Young Adult writing, as well as the Esther Glen medal, New Zealand’s oldest literary award. The series of six books went on to sell more than 36,000 copies in Australia and New Zealand alone, and has sold to publishers in the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Stella the Unstoppable and The Talent Show Fiasco is his first chapter book for younger readers.