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Stack Your Bones





Stack Your Bones

by Ruthie Fraser

Improve posture, alleviate pain, and create balanced strength and flexibility with 100 simply presented exercises – body biomechanics made easy!

Bodywork meets mindfulness in Stack Your Bones, comprised of 100 movement lessons and visualisations. Longtime bodywork clinician and innovative movement teacher Ruthie Fraser developed these secular ‘sutras’ to acquaint us with the basics of how we move – essential for anyone who lives in a body. A minimalist, evocative illustration accompanies each of these thoughtfully articulated exercises (Strength Is Balance, Buoyant Shoulders, Legs as Columns, Order Creates Freedom).

Grounded in the Structural Integration principles of Dr. Ida Rolf (1896–1979), Stack Your Bones is complementary to yoga, dance, acting, running, golf, martial arts – physical activity of every sort. Readers will reap the benefits of heightened body awareness, improved core strength, and enhanced movement mechanics.