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Something For Nothing

by Andy Muir

It’s not every day a bloke stumbles across a dismembered torso on Nobby’s beach.

Lachie Munro is starting to feel like he’s a magnet for trouble. Only the day before he fished a giant haul of heroin out of his favourite abalone poaching spot near Newcastle.

There’s a better than even chance that the heroin and the torso are connected and he should leave well enough alone. But the opportunity to get ahead of the game is too good to pass up.

But how do you sell several kilos of heroin? It’s not like drug dealers are listed in the Yellow Pages. And what happens when the owners come looking for their missing package? Is the torso a warning to anyone thinking of crossing them?

Now a person of interest to the police, Lachie needs to stay one step ahead of them and a local bikie he’s managed to insult, pay off a big time dealer from Sydney, placate the neighbour’s labrador, Horace, and win the heart of the gorgeous new Fisheries Officer he’s fallen for.

If Lachie can pull it all off, he might just get something for nothing . . .


‘No surprise that Andy Muir, one of the screenwriters on Underbelly, should spread his wings into Aussie crime fiction with such swift and characterful storytelling’

‘A raucous, action-packed romp full of dirty deeds and knockabout crooks – as authentically Aussie as a Holden Monaro and twice as pacey.’ LEIGH REDHEAD

Something for Nothing is a perfect example of the lighter, tongue in cheek style of true-blue Aussie Crime Fiction that is increasingly being done particularly well. It’s perfect reading for any fans of the genre, as well as anybody who would like a good laugh and likes a bit of true blue vernacular and behaviour.’ AUST CRIME FICTION

‘Muir’s transition from TV screenwriter to novelist is a happy one … A cast of crazy characters is brought to life in Muir’s funny romp, which is not without its hairy moments for Lachie. And, as Muir promises, Lachie Munroe will return. Bring it on!’

About the Author

February 2017
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781925344936
234 x 153 mm

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