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12 July 2022
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ISBN: 9781922806307
Paperback,  288 pages
234 x 153 mm

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Raised by Wolves

by Jess Ho

Growing up Cantonese in the racist outer suburbs was hard enough for Jess Ho, but add in a dysfunctional family who only made peace over food, and it was clear that a normal life was never on the menu. Jess emerged from childhood with a major psychological complex and a kick-arse palate, traits that would help them fit right in to the messy world of Melbourne’s food scene.

In hospitality, Jess found a new family of outsiders who shared their lust for life and appetite for destruction. As the Australian food scene exploded, fuelled by the kinds of ‘exotic’ foods Jess had grown up on, they became one of the most influential voices in Australia’s bar and restaurant scene. But the industry Jess loved had its own dysfunctions: greed, ego, sexual harassment, exploitation and a never-ending fetishisation of Asian food culture. And Jess wasn’t one to hold their tongue.

Raised by Wolves is a fierce, funny and razor-sharp coming of age story from a savage new voice.

About the Author

Jess Ho is best known for their take-no-prisoners opinions on the hospitality industry. They were the food and drink editor for Time Out Melbourne, having previously contributed to several bar and restaurant guides for the publication along with countless reviews.

Jess has also been published in The GuardianFood service REPVirgin VoyeurTime and Tide and Eater and has contributed to many restaurant guides and cookbooks. Jess is a regular presenter at food and wine events and festivals across Melbourne and has toured large-scale wine events around the country.

They’ve also been a judge on a commercial-network food show, but don’t ask them about it unless they’ve had something very strong to drink. Raised by Wolves is Jess’s first book.