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Quick and Easy Vegan Bake Sale

by Carla Kelly

The Experiment 

Carla Kelly, the talented mum behind the popular blog The Year of the Vegan, spills all her secrets on how to hold a great bake sale – with crowd-pleasing treats that are easy to store, transport and share. Beginning bakers will love her tips on key techniques, must-have utensils, and how to ‘troubleshoot’ baking gone wrong. And a helpful glossary of wheat-free, nut-free and soy-free options ensures that everyone can join the party. Chocolate ganache … blueberry cream … homemade marzipan … after one bite, vegans and nonvegans alike will be too busy enjoying fantastic flavour to even think of missing milk, eggs or butter. And since it’s all quick and easy to make, you definitely won’t be too busy to bake your cake – and eat it too!

Author details
Carla Kelly is an experienced cook and baker, having started well before the age of ten. As the eldest of five children, she often made baked treats and dinner for her family. She has been a vegan for over seven years and a vegetarian for fifteen more before that, and has developed recipes to suit herself and her family on this journey. She writes the popular blog The Year of the Vegan ( and lives in British Columbia with her family.