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paradise updated





Paradise Updated

by Mic Looby (and edited by the one and only Michael Williams)

There are precious few places still untouched by tourism. Paradise Lost? More like Paradise Packaged,Marketed and Sold in Easy-to-Enjoy Portions. And if there’s money to be made shining light into the darkest corners of the world, SmallWorldTM wrote the book on it.

Robert Rind is a legend in travel writing circles, fiercely independent and resolutely old school. Too old school. The Company decides he’s a liability and sends young, pliable Mithra to tropical Maganda to take his place. But the guidebook writer’s life isn’t all bustling street markets and five-star resorts: as any seasoned traveller knows, things rarely go as planned and Robert Rind is unlikely to come quietly.

Mic Looby’s masterful debut novel weaves a hilarious and hair-raising tale of compromised idealism and corporate skulduggery. You’ll never open another guidebook without reading between the lines.

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