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Out of Shape

Debunking Myths about Fashion and Fit

by Mel Campbell

From corsets to skinny jeans, we have always fretted about our body shapes and why it’s so damn difficult to find a good fit. In this bold and entertaining book, Mel Campbell examines the tensions between our cultural ideals and our own bodies. Combining lively interviews and personal experiences with visits to museums, galleries and vintage fairs, Mel explores why we are still so critical of our various shapes and restricted by old-fashioned values.

Out of Shape reveals how, when it comes to clothes and sizing, the past and present are cut from the same cloth.

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‘Illuminating, fascinating and utterly necessary, Out of Shape is a clear-eyed look at the anxiety-inducing
intersection between clothes, body shape and – most, importantly – sizing.’
Benjamin Law

‘Original, witty and thought-provoking…you’ll never look at a rack of clothes in the same way again.’
Monica Dux

‘Smart, sassy and honest…a timely plea for acceptance of idiosyncracy and individual flair over narrow and mindless assumptions about the body beautiful.’
Sydney Morning Herald
& Saturday Age

‘Intellectually charged, feminist and smart.’
Jessica Au, Readings

‘A smart, meticulous and well-researched examination of clothes and society.’
Newtown Review of Books