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Newborn 101




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Newborn 101

by Carole Arsenault

Here for the first time is expert insight and help from experienced nurses who are working daily in the field specializing in pregnancy and baby care. Author Carole Arsenault, a longtime labor and delivery nurse at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, now the head of her own ever-growing team of baby nurses, offers an experienced nurse’s perspective on preparing for baby’s arrival at home, what awaits in the hospital, and how to make the most of the birth experience.

One of Newborn 101’s four sections is devoted entirely to breastfeeding, supported by Arsenault and her crew’s gold-standard IBCLC
certifications (the only certification recognised by hospitals), while another focuses on each of the first three months after birth, with
repeating sections on feeding, sleeping, soothing, playtime, and helpful daily routines (a unique offering).

Newborn 101 covers the first trimester of pregnancy through baby’s crucial first three months:
• Guidance on sleep, schedules, soothing, and development
• Answers to hundreds of the most-asked questions that Arsenault and her fellow baby nurses field daily
• Top picks for baby monitors, car seats, apps – and more!