Project Description

by Stefan Lohr

In Cars and Other Things That Go, kids explore the many ways the citizens of Wimmeltown get around, whether by subway, plane, train, or automobile! Readers are introduced to a diverse bunch of characters and invited to join them on their journey.

Will Antonio ever get his pizza delivered? Where are Raj and Emily going to backpack to next?

Readers find out as they follow these characters throughout the course of their day, spotting them on the page – at the racetrack, by the food court, on the road, and more!


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26 March 2019
RRP: $22.99
ISBN: 9781615194988
Boardback,  16 pages
298 x 225 mm
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About the Author

Stefan Lohr is a book designer and illustrator based in Ravensburg, Germany. Lohr studied communications and design at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart, Germany and has been a freelance illustrator and graphic designer ever since. Since 1999, he has worked as an illustrator for many renowned children’s book publishers and advertising agencies.