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12 July 2022
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781922711946
Paperback,  220 pages
204 x 146 mm
Kids non fiction

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Money Queens

by Michelle Bowes

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having your own money to spend. All those things you’ve wanted forever now feel within your reach … But it’s easy to make mistakes when you go from having no money to having some. Money can be really easy to lose track of, especially if you have no clue how to manage it. And when you learn that men and women are still not equal when it comes to money, managing it can feel like a lot.

Luckily, Money Queens is full of tips and tools to help you avoid the gaps, traps and mishaps of money management. Queens, start ruling your money before it rules you: you can’t afford not to!

From personal finance writer Michelle Bowes comes a self-empowerment guide that covers all the must-know money basics like saving and budgeting and bigger topics like credit cards, buy now, pay later services, superannuation and investing. It even explains how to write a CV, what to do when you get your first job and what to expect to pay for when you finish high school. This guidebook is the best friend that every teen girl needs as she embarks on her first relationship with money.

PRAISE for Money Queens 

‘Written in a lively, engaging style with bright illustrations … Money Queens is an excellent introduction to learning the vital skill of financial literacy for young people, particularly young girls.’ Readings

About the Author

A personal finance writer with over 20 years experience, Michelle Bowes has written countless articles explaining complex financial topics in easy-to-understand and engaging ways, and even more about gender inequality when it comes to money.

Michelle’s concerns about the lack of progress in women reaching financial equality and the number of grown women that still don’t feel knowledgeable or confident about money management inspired her to write this book. She believes the solution to overcoming the money challenges women face is for them to start learning about money – and putting good money habits in place – as soon as they start earning it, in their very first teenage job.

Her mission is to show all teenage girls that they can be Money Queens, by giving them the tips and tools they need to rule their money.

Michelle lives in Sydney with her husband and three kids, including two teenage daughters. This is her first book.