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29 September 2020
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781925972900
Hardback,  32 pages
265 x 255 mm
Picture Book

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Mica the Star Sailor

by Bertie Blackman

Mica dreams of being an astronaut, just like her father.
But waiting for him to come home can feel endless.
So one night, when a shooting star streams through her window, Mica follows it and steps into a magical adventure…

A meteoric exploration of love, loss and the power of the imagination, Mica the Star Sailor is an exquisite picture book debut from the endlessly talented Bertie Blackman in dedication to her father, the late artist Charles Blackman.

About the Author

Bertie Blackman’s multidisciplinary practice weaves between the real and unreal. Her work is highly imaginative and playfully figurative by nature. Bertie’s graphic and confident line work and strong sense of storytelling illuminates the characters and place of her unique universe, inviting the viewer to explore worlds within worlds.

In addition to her visual art practice Bertie Blackman is an ARIA winning musician and recently curated ‘Sonic Canvases’ at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Bertie is the daughter of iconic Australian artist Charles Blackman.