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Maxi the Lifeguard The Stormy Protest

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25 September 2018
RRP: $12.99
ISBN: 9781925584974
Paperback, 168 pages
198 x 128mm
Junior Fiction

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Maxi the Lifeguard: The Stormy Protest

by Trent Maxwell and David Lawrence, with illustrations by Peter Baldwin

When Maxi and his friends discover that someone has been dumping rubbish into the ocean near Bondi, they are furious. Who would do
such a thing, and why won’t anyone take them seriously when they report it? Luckily, Maxi has a plan – but exposing the polluter will hurt
someone he cares about. Can Maxi find a way out of this messy situation?

Get ready to hit the beach in this action-packed series from Bondi Rescue’s Lifeguard Maxi and Australian comedy writer David Lawrence.

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