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Mammoth Mistake by Alex Miles

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April 2017
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781925475548
128 x 198 mm
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Mammoth Mistake

Starring Olive Black

by Alex Miles

illustrations by Maude Guesne

In her latest movie, Olive Black brings a woolly mammoth back from the Ice Age – a BIG mistake.

Luckily in real life she can’t mess up so badly.

Or can she?

When Olive gets caught up with the biggest bully in showbiz, everything goes pear-shaped. Soon her best friend, Rani, won’t talk to her and Olive’s apology rehearsals don’t seem to be helping.

Why can’t life be like the movies?

Will she be able to make things right?

Meet Olive Black …

Ten-year-old superstar!

She’s loyal, funny and just a little over the top.

Olive Black is interviewed on her new movie Mammoth Mistake


‘Is this the funniest book I’ve read? YES!’ BETHANY, AGE 8

‘Impossible to put down!’ HANNAH, AGE 10

‘Ten out of ten.’ – ISAAC, AGE 8

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