Project Description

Mermaid! Maggie Hutchings Maggie is a counsellor, family-dispute mediator, writer and artist who spends her weekends covered in paint and scribbling lists that are never completed. She is a famously mad aunt, nanna and mother who talks to herself out loud and falls over a lot in the garden.
Maggie writes stories with heart and soul for children and adults that encourage kindness, hope and resilience.

Maggie is the author or Unicorn! and Mermaid! published by Affirm Press.

Titles by Maggie Hutchings

Your Birthday was the BEST! by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated Felicita Sala
Mermaid by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated Cheryl Orsini
Unicorn! by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated Cheryl Orsini