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Kung-fu Kangaroo

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14 August 2018
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781925584875
Hardback, 24 pages
280 x 235mm
Picture Book
3-6 years

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Kung-Fu Kangaroo

by Merv Lamington, illustrated by Allison Langton

Meet Chops. She dreams of being a kung-fu master. The trouble is she’s a kung-fu disaster.

Her feet are too big, her arms are too small, and she’s more likely to break her head than break a plank.

But when she leaves the billiabong in despair, Chops discovers that she might just be a hero after all…

Based on a true story, Kung-fu Kangaroo is for anyone who has felt the joy of finding a place to belong.

About the Author

Merv Lamington Merv Lamington is an Australian author, although you wouldn’t know it from his name. He was born in Nuriootpa in the Year of the Cake and raised to respect the sausage roll. His work is inspired by a lifetime of bad Easter experiences, terrible Christmas letdowns and general birthday disappointments.

About the Illustrator

Allison Langton
Allison is an illustrator, a collector of rare Russian Blue whiskers and a Tawny Frogmouth fancier. Her long-term goals include finishing things she starts, starting things at the beginning, and getting to the bottom of Merv Lamington’s obsession with pastries.

A perfect day would include tiramisu, peppermint-tea, and an endless supply of Palomino pencils. Housemate to Babs. Fit-tracker nemesis to Tyler. Total house-lackey to Socksookie and Rum Tum.