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25 January 2022
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ISBN: 9781922626875
Paperback,  288 pages
234 x 153 mm

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Hard Knocks

by Fiona Scott-Norman

One of the hardest things about being different at high school is the feeling that nobody understands what you’re going through.

In Hard Knocks, twenty-two of Australia’s most talented and successful people convey exactly what it’s like to be isolated or bullied, unhappy or misunderstood, and show how staying true to yourself is what makes you exceptional in the long run.

In candid and entertaining interviews, leading lights from across Australian life recount the obstacles they faced such as racism, homophobia and mental health challenges. Not only did they survive the ordeal but their experiences helped shape them into the remarkable individuals they are today.

Contributors include:
Missy Higgins, Adam Goodes, Stella Young, Mo’Ju, Judith Lucy, Benjamin Law, Kate Miller-Heidke, Hazem El Masri, Karen from Finance, Christos Tsiolkas, Carly Findlay, Charlie Pickering, Alice Pung, Holden Sheppard, Megan Washington, Annie Louey, Corey Tutt, Paul Capsis, Penny Wong, Brendan Cowell, Tiffiny Hall, Eddie Perfect.

About the Author

Fiona Scott-Norman is a Melbourne-based writer, performer, director and broadcaster. She writes for The Big Issue and is a regular on ABC Radio.