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31 August 2021
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781922419781
Hardback,  32 pages
260 x 215mm
Picture Book

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Follow Your Feelings: Lucy and Sad

by Kitty Black and illustrated by Jess Rose

When Lucy has a hard time making friends, she’s joined by someone new: Sad.

But Sad isn’t the company Lucy had hoped for. It feels like Sad will never leave, even when Lucy tries hiding, distraction and running away!

But with the help of some flowers, cookies, a bedtime story and a big hug, Lucy can say goodbye for now to Sad and hello to someone new…

Follow Your Feelings is a touching, funny and charming new series about getting to know and love our emotions, from emotional acceptance champion Kitty Black and illustrator Jess Rose.

About the Author

Kitty Black is a children’s author living in Perth, Western Australia. Kitty studied psychology and education.

After doing lots of research type things and talking to kids about their feelings type things, Kitty found that stories are the most important things in the world. 

She lives with her partner and two children who are excellent at providing both inspiration and noise, although rarely in equal amounts.

About the Illustrator

Jess Rose is an Illustrator and designer living in Yorkshire, England. She has always loved to draw, and what was once a hobby growing up is now her career. She feels incredibly fortunate to get to spend her days doing something she loves this much!

Alongside her work, she can often be found with her husband, two children, cat (Gizmo) and dog (Ghibli). Her free time is spent walking, practising aerial hoop and reading good books. She likes nothing more than spending time in nature, eating good food and laughing with friends and family.