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Flight of Dreams

by Ariel Lawhon

On the evening of May 3rd, 1937, Emilie Imhoff boards the Hindenburg. The much celebrated only female crew member, Emilie has access to the entire airship and hears everything, including rumours of bomb threats. But Emilie is focused on hiding a secret she can’t afford to share with anyone. Her life depends on it.

Everyone on board seems to be hiding something, from handsome navigator Max who is madly in love with Emilie to the enigmatic German officer with everything to lose. Gertrud, a feisty journalist blacklisted in her native Germany, has stumbled onto the scoop of a lifetime, and a brash American and an enterprising cabin boy are not the only ones racing to discover what she’s found before it’s too late.

A spellbinding flight of imagination, romance and suspense already hailed as ‘Titanic in the air’, Flight of Dreams will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

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Flight of Dreams enthralls with a story so vivid, it is impossible to pull away. Mystery, romance – it’s all here, told in a mesmerising tale.’ KATE ALCOTT, bestselling author of The Dressmaker

‘A fascinating blend of love and murder, big dreams and betrayal, history and pure imagination – I could not put it down.’ – SARA GRUEN, bestselling author of Water for Elephants