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29 December 2021
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781922626523
Hardback,  192 pages
207.5 x 150mm
Personal Development

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Find Your Strength

by Rachael Coopes

‘A short, wonderfully readable and timely plunge into the ailments of the modern world, salved by deep insights into ancient wisdoms.’ – David Leser, Author of Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing

‘A great read… will be warmly welcomed for the insights it offers.’ – Abbie Cornish, Actor

‘Healing, calming and empowering. Rachael and her work in this world are such a gift.’ – Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Author of You Are Enough

Sometimes there is no other option than to fight. But where do we find the courage when we haven’t any left?

Find Your Strength is a guide to becoming a warrior and thriving on the battlefield of life by actor, Play School presenter and award-winning writer Rachael Coopes. Introducing ancient wisdom in a fun and modern way, as well as sharing some inspiring personal survival stories, this witty, wise and practical manual will help you feel stronger and more invincible than you ever thought possible.

About the Author

Currently a presenter on Australia’s beloved Play School, Rachael is an award-winning storyteller working across many forms, writing, acting and producing for international screen and stage for over two decades. While storytelling is her career, yoga is Rachael’s passion. Having been handed her first books on yoga philosophy and Buddhism at a young age while struggling with mental health issues, they have become the foundation of her entire life. A yoga teacher for over a decade now, Rachael’s greatest passion is translating this ancient, powerful wisdom in a way that speaks to everyone.