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26 July 2022
RRP: $32.99
ISBN: 9781922806017
Paperback,  288 pages
234 x 153 mm
contemporary fiction

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Every Version of You

by Grace Chan

In late twenty-first century Australia, Tao-Yi and her partner Navin spend most of their time inside a hyper-immersive, hyper-consumerist virtual reality called Gaia. They log on, go to work, socialise, and even eat in this digital utopia. Meanwhile their aging bodies lie suspended in pods inside cramped apartments. Across the city, in the abandoned ‘real’ world, Tao-Yi’s mother remains stubbornly offline, preferring instead to indulge in memories of her life in Malaysia.

When a new technology is developed to permanently upload a human brain to Gaia, Tao-Yi must decide what is most important: a digital future, or an authentic past.

Never Let Me Go meets Black Mirror, with a dash of Murakami surrealism thrown in, this is speculative literary fiction at its best.


‘Asks what it is to be human. Visceral, mind-bending and tender.’ – Inga Simpson

‘The haunting images in Every Version of You followed me long after I turned the final page – from the bodies steeping in neuroconductive gel, to the not-quite-right perfection of Gaia, to the crumbling physical world that refuses to be made obsolete. Grace Chan is a vivid, insightful storyteller.’ – Elizabeth Tan, author of Smart Ovens for Lonely People (Brio, 2020)

‘This is a deep and thoughtful book that explores questions and situations that will only grow more real over the next few decades, set in a world that is even further gone than the one we know now’. – ArtsHub

Every Version of You is a strong debut, and it shines brightest in the moments where Chan allows her empathy and her philosophical leanings to take the reins. I was caught off-guard by how deftly, and how believably, the novel came together to form an apocalypse which was equally a utopia’. – Readings Emporium’s Molly Smith, Readings Monthly

Every Version of You is generous in its propositions; if not hopeful for humankind, it speaks of the indeterminate value of the human soul’. – Meanjin

‘Chan’s novel is laden with a feeling of precipice and inevitability, a quiet doom … confronting what might one day be left on a ruined, “offline” Earth is a powerful way to refocus the lens on the world we are presently creating, and the politics informing what we build – whether it’s from bricks or code’. – The Guardian

‘Chan’s short fiction has been shortlisted for several sci-fi awards and with her first novel, you’re in confident hands. The science (for this layperson) feels seamless and believable – as do, more interestingly, Chan’s quiet, intelligent explorations of the psyche, family ties and what really connects us to each other’. – The Guardian, August book recommendations

About the Author

Grace Chan is an Aurealis and Norma K Hemming Award-nominated speculative fiction writer. She can’t seem to stop scribbling about brains, minds, space, technology, and identity.

Her short fiction can be found in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Fireside, Aurealis, and many other places. Her debut novel, Every Version of You, will be published in September 2022 by Affirm Press.

Grace was born in Malaysia and lives in Melbourne, Australia. In her other life, she works as a psychiatrist. She is represented by Jacinta Di Mase Management. You can find Grace online at and on Twitter as @gracechanwrites