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Death by Coconut

50 things more dangerous than a shark and why you shouldn’t be afraid of the ocean

by Ruby Ashby Orr

Illustrated by Michael Weldon

Did you know you’re more likely to be hurt by a cow, a sinkhole or a champagne cork than by a shark? In fact, each year only around 10 people are killed in shark attacks worldwide, while around 73 million sharks are killed by humans. Sounds unfair? Of course it is, but when an attack is all over the news and the people are baying for shark blood, it’s easy to lose perspective. But culling them? Seriously? Let this little book set you straight.

Inside you’ll find 50 unexpectedly hilarious things that are far more dangerous than sharks, with entertaining illustrations and plenty of fun facts to help you get to know more about these misunderstood creatures.

25% of all profits will go towards shark conservation at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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