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Come a Little Bit Closer

Harmony, Disorder and The Delltones

by Ian ‘Peewee’ Wilson

Ian ‘Peewee’ Wilson has been singing bass doo-wop
with iconic vocal group The Delltones since the 1950s
and the First Wave of Australian pop.

In this breezy and brilliant memoir, Peewee recalls the
highs and inimitable lows of life fronting Australia’s
longest-performing vocal group. Beyond the stage door he reveals the secret to his longevity: a larrikin spirit honed in his beach-bumming youth, and a wide-eyed curiosity that led him to dabble in hallucinogenic substances and chase Playboy Bunnies (not at the same time). It’s all part of Peewee’s never-ending search for the underlying meaning of it all. Come a little bit closer to the Beanpole of Bop.

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If I had known he was this funny and this colourful I would have done a TV special with Peewee years ago. I laughed a lot. You will too.’
Ray Martin

Straightforward, honest, funny and revealing a serious thoughtful side to the man who has made pop music history with that unforgettable voice.
Brian Henderson

‘There’s nothing pee or wee about Wilson. We’re talkingabout a giant talent. Thanks for all the songs Peewee – and for all the laughs.’
Phillip Adams