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Bully For Them

Outstanding Australians on Hard Lessons Learned at School

edited by Fiona Scott-Norman

One of the most difficult things about being bullied is
the feeling that nobody else knows what it’s like.

Twenty-two of Australia’s most talented and successful people know exactly what it’s like.

In candid and entertaining interviews, leading lights
from across Australian life recount how they were bullied and shunned at school just for being different. Not only
did they survive the ordeal but their experiences
helped shape them into the remarkable individuals
they are today.
Contributors include:
Missy Higgins (musician), Hazem El Masri (NRL),Christos Tsiolkas (writer), Tiffiny Hall (TV), Alice Pung (writer), Sam Bramham (paralympian), Stella Young (disability advocate), Eddie Perfect (actor),Megan Washington (musician), Brendan Cowell(actor), Marieke Hardy (writer), Adam Goodes (AFL),Adam Boland (TV), Bindi Cole (artist), Charlie Pickering (TV), Kate Miller-Heidke (musician), Tim Ferguson (comedian), Penny Wong (politician),Benjamin Law (writer), Judith Lucy (comedian), Paul Capsis (musician) and Wendy Harmer (TV).

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