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27 August 2019
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781925870541
Paperback, 288 pages
234 x 153 mm
Memoir/Personal Development

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by Laura Waters

What would move you to ditch your life and take off into the wild for six months? For Melbourne woman Laura Waters, it took the implosion of a toxic relationship and a crippling bout of anxiety. Armed with a compass, a paper map and as much food as she could carry, she set out to walk the untamed landscapes of New Zealand’s Te Araroa track, 3000 kilometres of raw, wild, mountainous trail winding from the top of the North Island to the frosty tip of the South Island.

But when her walking partner dropped out on the first day, she was faced with a choice: abandon the journey and retreat to the safety of home, or throw caution to the wind and continue on – alone. She chose to walk on.

For six months, she battled not only treacherous mountain ridges and river crossings, but also the demons of self-doubt and anxiety, and the shadow of an emotionally abusive relationship. At the end of Te Araroa (‘the long pathway’, as it is translated from Maori) it was the hardearned insights into mental health, emotional wellbeing and fulfilling relationships – with others as well as with herself – that were Laura’s greatest accomplishments. She emerged ‘rewilded’, and it transformed her life.


‘Nature enthusiasts and long-distance hikers alike will thoroughly enjoy Bewildered.’ Books + Publishing

Bewildered will resonate with anyone who longs for life beyond the daily grind … who yearns to find out what lies beyond the horizon and what they are really capable of themselves.’ Travel Boating Lifestyle

‘An achingly honest, personal account of the transformative power of spending time walking in wild places.’ Lotsofreshair

‘It will resonate with anyone who questions where they’re currently at in life.’ Travel Bug Within

‘I like books that in the same page make me choke up and laugh out loud. Bewildered does that.’ Eric Philips, polar explorer

About the Author

Laura Waters Bewildered

Laura Waters is a Melbourne-based freelance travel writer, speaker, author and nature nomad. After a decade on the corporate grind, she undertook this adventure, which ultimately changed her life. Laura hiked the length of New Zealand, a 3000-km journey. She left behind the nine-to-five and the comforts of modern life, instead seeking further adventures in the wild. She writes for worldwide publications, including Australian Traveller, Wild, and Outdoor, about experiential travel and her adventures in the great outdoors. She also trained with former US Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Presenter, and gives presentations to hundreds of people on climate change and inspires others to reconnect with nature.