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23 February 2021
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781922419101
Hardback,  32 pages
214 x 244 mm
Picture Book

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Be Exactly Who You Are!

by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Joshua Heinsz

Girls perform to fairy songs.
Boys play football all day long.
Boys yell ‘Boo!’ and run away.
Girls like kittens and ballet.
Except when they don’t.

A lively and empowering reminder that you do not have to choose between dolls or robots, or pink or blue – you can be exactly who you are!

About the Author

Laura Gehl is the author of One Big Pair of Underwear, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, and the Peep and Egg series, illustrated by Joyce Wan. Laura lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with her husband and four children.

About the Illustrator

Joshua Heinsz is the illustrator of A Paintbrush for Paco. He has a love for bright and whimsical imagery with a flair for the fantastical and an air of nostalgia. When not drawing or painting, Joshua can be found working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.