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Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe

by Sophie la girafe 

The Experiment 

New parents’ schedules necessarily revolve around tending to their infant’s essential needs day and night, whatever the hour. Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe helps parents keep clear track, all in one place, of baby’s daily schedule. Here are hour-by-hour columns for breast and bottle feedings, nappy changes, sleep, and special notes – was baby fussing, and how are you feeling? – information that’s particularly helpful to record when babies are in their earliest months and on an every-three-hours feeding schedule.

In addition to daily pages spanning baby’s first six months, the journal includes places to note important phone numbers and immunisations and to chart baby’s growth – ensuring that parents will have these essentials at hand for visits to the doctor.

Author details
Sophie la girafe was born in France on May 25, 1961. The more than 30 million people worldwide who have purchased the teething toy help to make Sophie the most recognizable and beloved giraffe on earth.