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30 November 2021
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781922626189
Paperback,  144  pages
190 x 165 mm

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Australia’s Most Adorable Animal Tales

by Merv Lamington

There’s Dusty the kangaroo who thinks he’s a dog, and Louie the emu who thinks she’s a cow. There’s Bazz the dog who likes beekeeping, and Pebble the joey who loves reality TV.

From an opera-loving seal to the happiest marsupial of them all, take a look at the weird, wild and adorable world of Australia’s animals, as supplied by animal lovers the length and breadth of Australia.

About the Author

Merv Lamington was born and raised purely in the imagination of the team at Affirm Press. He was adopted as a nom de plume to represent their collective efforts putting this book together, sharing the cutest animal stories from around Australia and helping to track down the lucky humans whose interactions have made it possible.