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At the Track

by Bruce Postle

At the Track showcases 155 of Bruce Postle’s greatest images from more than 50 years covering events at racetracks across the country. These photographs display the colour and character of horseracing in Australia, from glory to disappointment, and tumbles to triumph, revealing the drama on and off the track. Postle’s special skill is in capturing the unique bond between the horses and the people who work with them.

About the Author


‘What a great photographer can do is capture a moment – freeze it in time so that it lives forever. Bruce can do this.’ – Les Carlyon, former newspaper editior and award-winning author

‘Bruce badgered his subjects, from Prime Ministers and Archbishops to jockeys and horse trainers, until they agreed to go that extra mile for him. He was irrepressible.’ – Mike Smith, former newspaper editor