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27th April 2021
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ISBN: 9781922400758
Hardback,  192 pages
175 x 125 mm

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Around the World in 80 Parenting Styles

by Freya Horton Andrews, Illustrated by Margaux De Bellissen

From nap-time to snack time, teaching first words to toilet training, how we parent reveals what we value, where we come from, and where we dream of going. But there’s no one way to get the job done.

Japanese kindergarteners who ride the subway solo might be surprised to learn what a helicopter parent is. In some Central African tribes, mother and father figures are practically interchangeable. You’re unlikely to hear much French baby-talk, because who would insult a little one’s intelligence in such a way? Around the World in 80 Parenting Styles is a celebration of the many ways different cultures tackle one of life’s toughest most life- rearranging gigs, infused with centuries of lore, ritual, lessons and love.

This book is a standing ovation for parents everywhere, and proof we’re never done learning from one another.

About the Author

Freya Horton Andrews is a Melbourne-based writer and editor. She’s passionate about travel, storytelling and dessert.