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25 October 2022
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781922848055
Hardback,  32 pages
250 x 250mm
Picture Book

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Accidentally Kelly Street

by Briony Stewart

Accidentally Kelly Street
Where friends and strangers sometimes meet
Accidentally Kelly Street
I never thought life could be so sweet.

A new family arrive at a new house on a new street in a new neighbourhood. Being new can feel lonely, but on Kelly Street the neighbours are warm and welcoming, and small acts of kindness go a long way. Soon enough, strangers have become friends, and a new house becomes a home.

Briony Stewart’s touching adaptation of the classic Australian hit ‘Accidently Kelly Street’ brings Frente!’s song of optimism, belonging and community to a new generation.

About the Author

The daughter of an artist and a scientist, Briony Stewart grew up with a fascination for examining the world and capturing or reimagining it in words and drawings. She wrote her first, award-winning children’s book, Kumiko and the Dragon, in her final year of university and has since continued to work professionally as both an author and illustrator of children’s books. Now an artist married to a scientist, Briony is re-examining the world through the eyes of her two young children. She works from a studio at the back of a children’s bookshop in her beloved port city of Fremantle, WA.