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A Flower Between the Cracks

A Memoir of Love, Hope and Disability

by Helen Sage

It’s every parent’s nightmare. One ordinary evening, Helen’s twenty-two-year-old daughter Jayne is involved in a catastrophic car accident. Lying in a coma, her young life in the balance, Helen begins penning tender letters to Jayne, trying to make sense of the tragedy. When Jayne finally wakes, she can’t talk or walk. Her life, and the lives of her family, will never be the same again.

A Flower Between the Cracks is an extraordinarily powerful account of a mother’s love and a daughter’s immeasurable courage. It is a story of hope and survival, laced with surprising humour. Never has a memoir spoken of the complexity of caring for a disabled loved one with such grace and candour. This is a book for all Australians – reminding us of the profound joys to be found in each day.

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‘An eye-opening, heart-bruising account of what happens after miraculous survival. Sad but never maudlin, hopeful but never trite, this is a gorgeously told true story about tragedy, resilience and life’s surprising moments of poetry and grace.’
– Emily Maguire

‘Tender, engaging and honest…it is Sage’s own hard-won wisdom and personal philosophy that give hope to those who have had to suffer the insufferable.’
– The Saturday Age

The Newcastle Herald

‘uplifting and heartbreaking’
– The Illawarra Mercury